The Naked and Famous

“Young Blood”



Teenage nostalgia is a difficult emotion to capture.  But the Naked and Famous have succeeded at doing just that.  The synth-heavy track is reminiscent of the MGMT and Passion Pit brand of electropop, but it is vocalists Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers who add a unique, adolescent energy to the track.  When they sing “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” in the chorus, it is more than a catchy hook — it it an expression of youthful energy that sounds just as fresh as when the Beatles used it in “She Loves You” 47 years ago.  It is this energy that makes “Young Blood” an absolute jam: this is not bedroom listening; this is blast-with-your-car-stereo-turned-up listening.  As the music video (which features scenes of kids setting off fireworks, running through sun-drenched fields, and splashing through the ocean) shows, this is a song written with summer pool party and barbecue playlists in mind.  And in the midst of a stressful holiday season, a blast of summery electropop is more than welcome.