Selena Gomez

“Bang Bang Bang”



Our motto is “We’re not pretentious” and with good reason: we take good music for what it is, whether it’s Top 40 pop or Pitchfork-approved indie rock.  While songs by Disney Channel startlets usually aren’t up our alley (although “Party in the U.S.A.” is an absolute jam), it’s hard to deny the consistency of Selena Gomez’s pop output over the past two years.  Even though her voice isn’t the best in the Disney Channel roster, by surrounding herself with talented pop songwriters, Gomez has scored a bevy of hits from the soaring “A Year Without Rain” to the effervescent anthem “Who Says.”  She continues that success with “Bang Bang Bang” off the forthcoming When the Sun Goes Down, an 80s-styled electro-pop kiss-off to an ex in which she’s “stealing all my love back” to give to her new boy.  Written and produced by “Big Girls Don’t Cry” mastermind Toby Gad, “Bang Bang Bang” is the type of irresistibly and effortlessly catchy pop you would expect an 18-year-old to be making. The hooky “You’re gonna be the one” is sure to be stuck in our heads all summer, but we’re not complaining.