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Each day this week, we will be debuting ten more songs as we count down our favorite songs of 2010.  We couldn’t have possibly listened to every song in 2010, but these are our favorites out of everything we listened to.  Today we present 30-21.  Read below to see our picks!

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Sondre Lerche

“Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”


Last year, Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche covered Animal Collective’s “Bluish” and brought out the intimate melody of the beautifully lush and layered original.  He accomplishes the same feat on his cover of Owen Pallett’s fantastic “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”.  While the original featured Pallett’s frantic and impressive violin skills, Lerche, airmed with just an acoustic guitar, turns the song into a highly personal affair.  In the bridge his fragile voice seems to be reaching out and speaking directly to the listener.  The anthemic cry “I’m never gonna give it to you!” retains the same urgency as ever.  Without any studio production, Lerche shows that all he needs is his voice and his guitar to produce a song filled with just as much emotion as the original.