Beyoncé has always possessed the most natural talent of any of the current batch of pop stars, and also arguably the most individual. On the fantastic 4, B succeeds on both counts: the powerful voice we’ve loved since her Destiny’s Child days shines through in a collection of songs that ignores current dance-pop trends.  Nowhere is that more apparent than on “Countdown,” a clattering up-tempo profession of fidelity that shows she’s still “Crazy in Love” without ever sounding derivative. Marching band horns and a Boyz II Men sample buoy the club-ready track as Beyonce sings, “I still love the way he talk, he still love the way I sing/Still love the way he rock them black diamonds in that chain.”  It’s stylistically closest to the songs off B’Day, combining a swaggering talk-rap with her soaring distinctive vocals.  The end of the literal countdown of the chorus finds her professing, “You’re still the one.”  And although it was directed toward her husband Jay-Z, it could very well apply to herself; eight years into her solo career, she is still the undisputed Queen of R&B.