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“Rolling in the Deep” (Jamie xx Remix)

XL Recordings


Adele’s magnificent new single “Rolling in the Deep” found her bursting with anger and seeking revenge on a track she described as a “dark bluesy gospel disco tune.”  The Jamie xx re-work of the song elevates it to another level and transforming it into a haunting, percussion-heavy that surpasses the original.  Like a previous re-work of Florence + The Machine’s “You’ve Got the Love,” Jamie xx features Adele’s sultry voice as the standout element over hand claps that evolve into a flurry of drum machine and steel drums.  The song evokes the spacious songs of The xx’s self-titled debut, with a chorus that is chopped and screwed as she laments, “We could have had it all.”  Jamie xx brings out the brooding passion of the original and created a re-interpretation that reminds us just how hypnotizing Adele’s powerful voice can be.



“Bad Girls”



For many, M.I.A.’s underrated third album Maya failed to live up to the expectations from the British singer who was known for her dance music that melded hip hop with influences from around the world.  “Bad Girls” is a return to the frantic pop song crafting abilities of “Paper Planes” and “Boyz.”  Danja, the producer behind Britney’s fantastic Blackout, creates a beat that sounds like “Paper Planes” for an era of dance-influenced Top 40 pop music.  The repeated refrain of “Live fast, die young/Bad girls do it well” muscles its way to ubiquity until it’s the only phrase you remember from the song and is a fitting reintroduction of M.I.A. to the general public.

live fast die young bad girls do it well