“Time Machine”



Robyn’s succesful Body Talk series this past year has solidified what we already knew: she melds dance-pop aesthetics and independent sensibilities and does a fantastic job at it.  “Time Machine” reunites the Swedish chanteuse with producer Max Martin, who helmed her 1997 hit “Show Me Love.”  Even 13 years after first working together, Robyn still serves as the perfect muse to Martin — this is clearly no “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love.”  Unlike many of Martin’s recent productions, the track comes across as sincere and inspired; when she sings, “All I want is a DeLorean,” you know she means it.  Robyn releases all of her emotions and leaves this pulsating dance gem with every ounce of regret.  “This ain’t science fiction.”  It certainly isn’t.  This is is pop music: and as good as it gets.